Creating a landscape suited to your lifestyle requires design and building experience and a deep knowledge of plants.

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    We Design

    We love the opportunity to share design ideas! Designs are crafted around your goals and wants.

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    You Design

    Many homeowners have brilliantly thought-out landscape plans. We can realize your dreams.

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    They Design

    Working with architects and designers is a rewarding adventure. We can integrate with yours.

  • We Design

    Heritage offers both hardscaping and softscaping design services.


    People often have a sense of what they would like, but have difficulties conceptualizing what these ideas look like in the built world. We use simple photography and sketching techniques to impart ideas.

    We ask lots and lots of questions. Our goal is to ask smart questions to really connect with the things that inspire you and will give you pleasure. Homeowners have the option to be hands-off during design or part of the evolving process.

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  • You Design

    Many times the homeowner is the designer. They come to us with a plan. Our role is to help them see their plan built.


    We will walk through the design with the homeowner, discuss the overall goals, and examine the property for structural and technical issues. We offer material options and feedback. We help people understand how their project would unfold.

    You don't need to be a designer to make this work - some of the best ideas we've ever received have been torn off a memo pad.

  • They Design

    Many homeowners who are building new or working through a major renovation have already retained an architect or designer. Heritage has been fortunate to work in a similar fashion many times previously.


    The shape of the arrangement follows the lead set by the architect or designer. We've worked in both highly structured environments where we report directly to the firm and in more conceptual environments where the architect presents their vision and lets Heritage shape it for the client.

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