Landscape construction is the built environment of outdoor spaces for personal and public living.

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    Foundational items for your property.

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    Inside Out

    Living spaces in the outdoor environment.

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    High functioning and very beautiful.

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    Practical support for the landscape.

  • Accessibility

    Moving people safely and efficiently, and in a way that is fundamentally intuitive, are the underpinnings of accessibility.

    Driveways & Walkways

    Driveways and walkways are a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. There are many beautiful, durable and low-maintenance options of brick, slate, cobblestone, stone tile, manufactured block, and gravel. We also offer permeable pavers, as well as reinforced green solutions!

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  • Inside Outside

    Whether socializing or enjoying quiet time, creating living spaces outdoors allows us to enjoy fresh air and nature comfortably.

    Decks & Patios

    Decks and patios create areas in the landscape for entertaining and relaxing and range from informal, intimate spaces to large, formal terraces.

    Decks and patios offer a wide range of options for your landscape based on size, shape, colour, design, and pattern. A good deck or patio should be slip resistant and have an attractive finish with steps to provide comfortable grade transitions.

  • Holding It All In

    Walls are used in landscaping to tame hillsides and for decorative purposes. To tackle really big slopes, we work with engineers!

    Decorative Walls

    Walls can be built from many different materials ranging from wood to pre-cast block to natural stone, and be large or small depending on your needs. We can also install stone veneers over cement and build mortared walls.

    Retainer Walls

    Whether small or large, retainers walls are first structural elements and, as such, need to be built to the highest specifications.

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  • Special Features

    Features are elements added to the landscape to personalize or add special functionality or create a unique aesthetic.


    Features vary from fountains to fire pits, artwork to pillars, habitats to memorials, and many other options. The only limit is your imagination. The placement of features should promote unity in the landscape and create a balanced, interesting focus.

  • Functional Needs

    Function-based elements in a landscape may not be sexy topics, but they are critical.


    Living in Nova Scotia means coping with a lot of water. Over 1,500mm (60″) per year has an astonishing impact on our homes and properties. We use capture and control in strategic areas, proper bases and backfilling to protect structural integrity, and grading techniques to positively move water.

    Outdoor Electrical

    Enjoying your landscape should not end when the sun goes down or winter is upon us. Whether the entrance to your home or business, a featured tree or artwork, path and drive lighting or a custom water feature, we can help with lighting design.

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