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From small projects to complete transformations,
we can help you realize your landscaping dreams.


Creating a landscape suited to your lifestyle and needs requires design and construction experience and a knowledge of plants that will thrive in our environment. We can take you ideas and translate them into conceptual and working drawings. Our design work is the harmony of your preferences with functionality, form, texture, and colour.

Drives & Walks

Driveways and walkways are a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. There are many beautiful, durable and low-maintenance options of brick, slate, cobblestone, stone tile, and manufactured block. We also offer permeable, reinforced, green solutions for driveways and walkways!

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Decks & Patios

Decks and patios create areas in the landscape for entertaining and relaxing and range from informal, intimate spaces to large, formal terraces. Decks and patios offer a wide range of options for your landscape based on size, shape, colour, design, and pattern. A good deck or patio should be slip resistant and have an attractive finish, with steps to provide comfortable grade transitions.

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Living in Nova Scotia means coping with a lot of water – over 1,500mm (60″) per year falls from the sky in one form or another! This has an astonishing impact on our homes and our properties. We use capture and control in strategic areas to divert water, proper bases and backfilling to protect the integrity of your landscape structures, and grading techniques to positively move water.


Walls are used in landscaping to tame hillsides and for decorative purposes. Walls can be built from many different materials ranging from wood to pre-cast block to natural stone, and be large or small depending on your needs. We even work with engineers to tackle really big slopes! We can also install stone veneers over cement and build mortared walls.

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Outdoor Electrical

Enjoying your landscape should not end when the sun goes down or winter is upon us. Heritage can assist you by illuminating your landscape with professional accent lighting. Whether the entrance to your home or business, a featured tree or shrub, path and drive lighting or a custom water feature, we can design and install great lighting.


Features are elements added to the landscape to personalize or add special functionality or create a unique aesthetic. Features vary from fountains to fire pits, artwork to pillars, habitats to memorials, and many other options. The placement of features should unify and create a balanced, interesting focus.

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Garden Care

We offer full maintenance for existing gardens, including: edging and weeding, pruning, re-shaping beds, amendments, mulching, splitting and transplanting, bulb planting, shearing, hedge trimming, spring and fall clean-ups. Maintenance can be performed on a monthly basis, or more or less often depending on your needs. We also offer garden restoration services for the overgrown garden in need of a serious re-vamp.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is more than just a mowing service; it is the knowledge and concern to create healthy lawns. Why do we do things differently from everyone else? Because a healthy lawn serves to provide climate control and cooling, filter dust, ward off insect attacks, filter water, and reduce noise. A healthy lawn removes contaminates, reduces erosion, and releases oxygen back into the atmosphere. And it feels good on bare feet.


When it comes planting trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables, knowing how and where to plant them can make all of the difference between surviving and thriving. Placement, spacing, soil amendments, and aesthetic arrangement all play a part in creating a beautiful, unified look and bountiful plants. We also provide homeowners a post-planting care plan and follow-up advice.

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Lawn Construction

The secret to a beautiful lawn is in its underlying construction. A well-constructed lawn will require less maintenance and tolerate more wear, and be suitable for your purposes for years to come. Spring and fall are the best times to install new lawns, but with a little extra work, lawns can be installed throughout the entire growing season.


Landscape restoration is a planned process that aims to restore ecological integrity in degraded landscapes (often the result of building, renovating or establishing new services). Restoration aims to successfully rebuild ecosystems, whether small or large. Restoration aims to improve water quality, to re-habituate species – birds, butterflies, bees, and sometimes critters – and to create healthier soil which creates healthier vegetation.

Tree Services

Heritage offers two types of tree services – tree cutting and arboriculture. Our tree cutting service covers limbing and clear-fall cutting, selective cutting for health, as well as large projects clearing land for driveways or new buildings. For our arboriculture services, we contract a certified, tree-climbing arborist that specializes in tree health and rejuvenation, re-shaping, and limb or tree removal in limiting areas.